Last month in September, AMD announced their new line up of graphics card for the year 2013 in Hawaii. There, they announced the “Titan-killer” a card that can beat Nvidia’s GTX Titan, the current fastest single GPU at a price point of $1000, calling it the R9 290X. The R9 290X is AMD’s new flagship card based off of their new 28 nm architecture code named Hawaii, replacing AMD’s last generation’s 28 nm Tahiti based HD Radeon 7970 GHz Edition.

Here are some Benchmarks and detailed overview by Paul, from Paul’s Hardware and NeweggTV, comparing the R9 290X against Nvidia’s GTX Titan and GTX 780.

The R9 290X is definitely a beast of a card. In some settings it can even beat the Titan, a card that costs $1000, and the 780, which costs $650. But the real question is: How much will the R9 290X be? Coming out at an aggressive price-point of $550, compared to Nvidia’s GTX 780 which is currently priced at $650, and GTX Titan at $1000, AMD is going all out and trying to boost up their sales and win the competition. Meanwhile, Nvidia isn’t going to sit back and take this. They will most likely drop the price of the GTX 780 to $550 to match AMD’s R9 290X and release their new and upcoming GTX 780Ti to take over the $650 slot to counter AMD.

Going from price to performance ratio, the R9 290X is definitely the way to go. But for most gamers, you don’t need this much power and can go for the lower end cards in the $100-300 range which will play any games on medium to maximum settings for the next few years.

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